Why I want to go back to see Agent Marketing

I went to the offices of Agent Marketing yesterday, and apart from being impressed by the lovely building and the explanation of how they work with clients, I also experienced a welcome I’ve never had before.

I walked in and was immediately offered a coffee.

When Paul, who I’d come to meet, came to take me to the meeting room, we paused at the top of the circle of busy desks and he introduced me, one by one, to everyone.

One of the directors (who didn’t sit in an office, but sat in amongst the rest of the team – indicative of the ethos they’ve developed there), even got up and came over to shake my hand!

Feeling very ‘at home’, we had our meeting in one of the vast rooms somewhere in the labyrinthesque basement. (It’s so big, I was seriously considering leaving a trail of sweets in case I had to find my way back up alone).

When it was time to leave, Paul shouted, “Al’s going now!”, and everybody shouted their goodbyes, one by one. I felt like I should be waving a white hankie at them!

It’s a long time since I’ve experienced friendliness like that. If that’s how they treat first-time guests, imagine how they treat valued clients. I will shortly be implementing a¬†similar¬†idea at Dallas Towers.

I suggest you go and see them. Even if it’s just to hear them say goodbye.