The Only Way That Local Retailers Can compete With Tesco…..

Back in October, the UK’s largest independent chain of Green Grocers, Stokes, went into administration.

Media coverage suggests that Stokes was just another High Street casualty in a losing battle with Tesco and the other big chains. Whilst there is little doubt that increased competition from low price driven super markets contributed to administration, this doesn’t tell the full story.

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Using Social Media to talk to your customers

Econsultancy reported this week that the fastest growing media used in digital consultancies this year, is online video and social media.

Now, to be completely honest, sometimes digital agencies have a tendency to use a medium just because its there (and they might win an award for innovation) but the continuing trend actually does signify a change in way customers, and potential customers, notice and digest marketing messages.

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What is Missing From Trade Show Exhibitors Marketing?

There is no doubt that trade shows can form an important part of certain company’s marketing efforts. A captive and receptive audience milling around stands and attending seminars looking for companies to do business with. In return for getting in front of these willing prospects, exhibitors are willing to spend their cash.

Think about the associated costs for a second:

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When social media goes bad..

The problem with social media is that if it goes wrong, it can be really, really, really public!

As we’ve said all along, social media is not another medium for your sales message. It is a way of talking to your customers, and allowing them to talk back.

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What do ‘Supernanny’, Gordon Ramsey and excellent marketing have in common?

OK. Here it is.

“My name is Chris Jenkins and I have a guilty TV pleasure.”

I’m fascinated with the program Supernanny where Jo Frost takes seemingly uncontrollable children and turns them into well behaved cherubs over the course of an episode.

I am captivated by the way that the kids can change so much over such a short period of time. It left me wondering, how on earth does she do it? Is it witchcraft? Does she slip something into their bedtime milk?

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Google Has Perfected Telepathic Search!

We have all had the “problem” email at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon.

There is an issue or problem that you have to think about and then go about finding a solution. I believe that most people’s “thinking time” follows a similar pattern:

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The ‘Pre-Consultation Questionnaire’


When putting in a ‘Call to Action’ it needs to be clearly defined; “Give us a call,” is very vague and not very concrete.

One way to end is, “The next step is…”, and give out clear simple instructions with bullet points and headings.

If your next step is a request for information rather than filling out forms then it needs to be defined clearly.

You need to offer them a way of following through with you,

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