Tips for getting your emails read

Some ideas about getting emails read, courtesy of one of our heroes, Chris Brogan.

User Interface Matters

People who email short numbered lists (or bullets) get much better responses, much faster, because the recipient knows what they want, and it’s succinct.

Single Use Email

People who put one need, one subject, one topic in an email get much faster responses, because it can be handled easily.

Repeat Performers

People who resend mail but don’t make you feel guilty rise to the top because the recipient feels guilty anyhow, and responds as quickly as possible.

Direct and Obvious

People who send vague requests get no replies. Those who send something very obvious and direct about what they want get a good response

The Rest

Chris notes that, “…what I see more often than not are emails where people just want to help. “If I can help you in any way, just let me know.” Here’s the thing. I never know how to respond to those. No one really ever does. Because normally when one goes seeking help, it’s when they’re ready to get something back for their request. General offers show a very positive sentiment, but they don’t show any kind of return loop, if that makes sense.”

Great advice!