Do you REALLY want to get more customers?

Ok. I’ll admit this is a counter-intuitive question, but let me expand.

Now that your potential customers can evaluate, compare and review your offers easily over the Internet, (and, especially easy using social media like forums) you probably find more and more of your new customers are price sensitive.

Fine. Who cares? They’re putting money in the till, yes?

Well actually, you should care.

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Fanning the Flames

Regular readers will know that we constantly campaign against the seemingly continual misuse of social media by businesses, and that we suspect that companies who use Facebook effectively for business are in the tiny minority.

Recent research by a leading CRM journalist on fan pages for companies on Facebook suggests that just because you become a fan of a company (known as “fanning”) it doesn’t mean the company then has permission to get in touch.

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Not all customers are equal

In fact, using Pareto rule, we know 80% of your profits usually come from just 20% of your customers.

However, Tesco and other big retailers are beginning to realise that it might be more like a 95:5 ratio.

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The Future of Loyalty Schemes – Part 2

This is Part 2 of this article. See Part 1 here.

The biggest objection we come across when building these campaigns is that the business has not got time to hand craft offers for every single consumer.

And this is valid.

It would not be a good use of business owners’ time to create thousands of offers all dependent on complicated combinations & permutations of data. Instead, the smart marketeers segment their data to create a few general behaviour profiles, for which they can formulate specific offers.

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The Future of Loyalty Schemes – Part 1

This is Part 1. See Part 2 here.

I think we can now all agree that loyalty schemes are here to stay.

Whether it’s a Clubcard, a Nectar card or even a ‘Hi-Life’ dining card, loyalty schemes have become a part of our culture, and they play an increasingly large part in shaping our buying behaviour.

It may not be a surprise to learn that Tesco are leading the development of the next generation of loyalty schemes. They are pioneering joined-up, intelligent schemes that not only reward loyalty, but influence future buying behaviour with highly relevant vouchers & offers for high-margin items that the shopper has previously bought (but, often, and this is key, not for a while).

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Retailers Fail to See Mobile Opportunity

I read 2 articles yesterday.

The first was in a magazine reporting that in 2011, smartphones (iPhones etc) will account for over 25% of all mobile sales.

I also read on DestinationCRM news site (we do lead exciting lives…) that retailers are only allocating a tiny percentage of their marketing budget to development of their mobile marketing efforts.

To be fair, not everyone who buys a smartphone will be using it to buy online, but research has consistently shown that if a website doesn’t load, or a page doesn’t load properly within 10 seconds, the visitor will click the back button, regardless of the device, operating system or platform.

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