What Your Shop Window Says About Your Business

To me, shop window displays are the equivalent of an online dating profile. Similar to the profile, your shop window display is your first impression. Your opportunity lure potential customers into your shop. 

From looking at your shop window, your potential customers are going to try and determine:

1. If you sell what they’re looking for.

2. If you’re legit and can be trusted.

3. If they can predict the quality of your product or service so that they can estimate the price range of your product or service

a. If you sell products they’ll be looking for familiar brand names

b.If you sell a service, they’ll be looking at how many customers you have inside. And if you don’t have any customers inside, they’ll be looking at how you keep yourself busy. 

Your shop window display is the portal to your potential customers gathering as much information as possible about your business without Googling or physically entering your shop.

Recently whilst travelling to work, I came across a shop window display that shocked me. I took a picture and circled the obvious mistakes below. 

How can your customers trust that you’ll give them quality products and services if you can’t even spell the products you sell? Luckily, this business used recognisable brands on its shop window stickers. 

Personally I’ll  only go into that shop as a last resort. Until that day, I will continue to walk straight past it in search for a better Off Licence. 

What do you think guys? Am I too picky?