Direct Mail: Why You Should Take Notes From Sky

Grabbing a consumers attention is tough. And if you’re using direct mail marketing to do that then you’ve got yourself a challenge!

Thanks to businesses sending piles of untargeted junk mail to consumers, Direct Mail has developed quite a bad reputation over the years. Consequently, consumers have mastered the art of tuning out of our attention seeking techniques. Dramatically reducing the effectiveness of direct mail.

So how do you make your direct mail marketing stand out? Let’s take a look at how Sky’s latest campaign grabbed my attention. 

1. Sky intrigued me.

As soon as I had the parcel in my hand, I shook it. That’s just what I do. And to my surprise it had mystery objects in it. I love surprises!

2. Sky showered me with presents!

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. Inside the parcel there were 3 mini chocolate bars which I devoured promptly and almost forgot to share. Again, that’s just what I do.

3. Sky made me feel guilty

Once I’d gobbled up the chocolate, I then felt obligated to actually read through the direct mail to see what Sky wanted to sell to me. And what Sky did brilliantly was link the chocolate into the message they were trying to get across. The chocolate was a great incentive.

Would you have eaten the chocolate and read the sales pitch? Do you think this type of direct marketing works?

(Image Courtesy of rubenerd)