Going Viral: 3 Steps To Making It Happen

It can be frustrating for small businesses. You spend your time, money, effort and creativity to create content to share with the world. The only problem is that it is only seen by a handful of people. So, how can you get your content to go viral?

1. Share others content first. Get the ball rolling by sharing and liking others videos, this will draw more attention to your work and make others more likely to share it.

2. Join forces. There will be other companies who have the same target market as you, whilst not competing with your product. See if you can work together to either share or create content that compliments each other.

3. Invite those with influence. Bloggers and journalists need new and exciting content to share or comment on, so why not invite them to do so. Just make sure you are clear and to the point when communicating with them, they will get lots of requests a day.

Despite the obvious success stories, it is rare that a video will go viral by itself. But being a little proactive and attracting a positive and active audience will put you on the right track to more views.

(Caption courtesy of Viajero Empedernido2012 and deadserpents)