What Small Businesses Can Learn From Beyonce

On the 6th May 2013, I tuned into Scott Mills’ show on Radio 1. He spoke briefly about Beyonce’s ‘The Mrs Carter’ show that he had attended. Scott commented on how Beyonce managed to convince every one at show that she was best. And for reasons other than her gorgeous looks, amazing vocals and killer dance moves.

He noticed that whilst Beyonce was talking to her crowd, she would take deliberate pauses mid speech. Pauses that subliminally encouraged the crowd to ‘show her love’ with a massive round of applause. To which she’d revel in.

But how does this apply to your small business?

Beyonce always strives to be the best. Her looks, her vocals and her dance moves are always on point. Let’s assume that your product/service, your customer service and your relationship with your customers are on point too.

Are you getting feedback on the service you are providing?

Beyonce stops frequently throughout her performances to ask her crowd ‘Are y’all having a good time?’


Once you’ve asked your customers, are you reveling in the great feedback? Take time to appreciate the feedback you get and use the positives to your advantage. The best way to tell people how good you are is by letting everyone else tell them for you. 


(Images Courtesy of skw234567Steve Bowbrick)

What else do you think businesses can learn for musicians?