Copywriter Needed

Well, heeeeello there…

We’re looking for a writer who can research and write about all kinds of subjects, to work on blog posts, ebooks and publications for our clients.


  • Be able to write in a conversational tone
  • Produce informative posts
  • Have personable writing style
  • Be able to meet deadlines
  • Be able to spot mistakes in both speling and grammar…


Here is an example of two articles with the style of writing we are looking for:

The length is usually between 750 and 1500 words, and often involves reading a transcript of an interview with the expert, doing external background research, then drafting, editing and submitting the blog post based on that.

Is this you?


Please send at least two articles you feel are closest to the writing style we like. You need to send these as either a link to a blog post online, or a link to a Google doc (no attachments, or Word docs please).

Send all submissions to me. My name is Al, and my email address is the same as this domain. I’m sure you can work it out (and I’m hoping spambots cannot…).

If you don’t have any articles already, but are certain you can write in that style, send a link to 2 paragraphs that you’ve written on Google docs, using the tone we are looking for.

Good luck!


PS. I like interesting people. If you’re interesting, then tell me why in your covering email.

  • Maybe you once destroyed a spiders’ nest with a nail gun during a fire,
  • Perhaps you once became friends with a geologist during a period of incarceration,
  • It could be that you left Vietnam severely wounded and very bitter, and later built a shrimping empire, and invested the profits wisely…

Either way, if you have a story, tell me about it in your email.

Thanks for reading!