5 Easy Steps To High Growth Using Online Marketing

The digital world is changing rapidly. So is Marketing. It’s understandable if making sure you’re up to date with the two is on your ‘Things I’d Rather Not Do’ list. However, resisting to adapt and combine the two into the everyday running of your business could very well be stunting your growth. Let’s take a look at what you need to achieve great success using Online Marketing. 

1. Strategy

The online world is huge. You need to stand out. Ask yourself three these questions:

a)What is it about your business that makes you different from your competitors? 

b)Who is your target market?

c)What problem can you fix for them?

2. Website

You’ll need a simple, relevant and up to date website. Once you have your website up and running, you’ll need to find ways to attract your customers to your website.  

1. Blogging

2. Web Analytics

3. Pay-Per-Click

4. SEO

5. Newsletters

3. Database

There are many advantages of having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Make use of the data you’ve collected by using it to:

a) Build a detailed customer profile 

b) Encourage teamwork 

c) Simplify the sales cycle

d) Spot selling opportunities

e)  Produce stronger leads

f)Communicate with your customers through different channels such as: 

– Direct Mail


– Email

– Social Networks

4. Evaluate the best ways to use Social Media

a) Figure out the message that you want to get across on the Social Networks

b) Find the appropriate Social Network to convey that message

c)Keep consistent. 

5. Invest time.

Those businesses thriving are the businesses that realise that the best way to unlock a whole new portal of customers is by understanding and implementing the different online marketing resources.  



(Image Courtesy of Barry Skeates, New Zealand Navy, Dragan Mestrovic, Jeffrey Smith, and Sean MacEntee)