Social Media Campaigns: 2 Triumphs and 1 Flop

Receiving a public complaint can sting like a bee. However, if you believe that all publicity is good publicity then you’ll quickly find a way to turn that negative into a positive. We’re all trying to get our heads around the best way to drive engagement with our brands in the fast paced  world of Social Media. We’re still learning. A lot if it is trial and error. Let’s see who got it right.


In October 2012, Facebook User Richard Niell posted a witty comment on Bodyform’s Facebook page. It was a complaint that addressed how the feminine hygiene brand had lied to him about females having happy and adventurous periods. 

Instead of ignoring this, Bodyform took on the challenge of addressing the problem by releasing an equally hilarious response video. Check out the video below. 

Tesco Mobile

For years Tesco Mobile have had the problem of not being taken seriously as a network provider. The aim of their new marketing strategy is to confront the naysayers and prove that they’ve got what it takes to compete with the top dogs.

And here is an excellent example of how they’ve maintained their marketing strategy on Twitter. 

Worked wonders for them.  What has caught your eye recently?  (Image Courtesy of Nick Royer)