Am I right in thinking Value drives customer loyalty?

I believe that Value is the driving force behind your customers being loyal to your business.

Which is why I have come up with a quick list of questions just to get you questioning some of the things you do and help you understand how your customers value your product or service.

1. Do your customers love your product?

  • How do you know?

2. Are you fulfilling the promises you made to your customers?

  • If yes, how do you know? 

  • If no, how do you know?

3. How do you keep track of what your customers say about your product or service?

  • Do you google or twitter search? Do you ask them personally? Do you have a feedback form? 

  • If yes, how can you make that even better than it is?

4. How do you communicate with your customers? Do you treat them all equally?

The customers that spend more with you on a regular basis should get more of your time and should be acknowledged. Everyone likes to feel special. Those that feel special will spend more. 

5. What happens when a customer stops using your services?

  • What can you learn from that customer? 

  • Assuming the criticism is valid, what changes will you implement based on those comments? What do you consider invalid criticism?

Have I missed anything? What would you add to this list? Or am I completely wrong? What do you think?

(Image Courtesy of Stefan Baudy)