How To Get Back In The Game With Content Marketing

Whether you like it or not. Content marketing is kind of a big deal. It has even been described as the currency of social by Scott Monty. Consumers are using this information to do a few checks of their own about businesses they have never heard of. 

When your customers did their research on you they wanted to know two things about you:

  1. Do you know what you’re talking about?
  2. Can you be trusted?

Your content should be answering these questions. And then some. Below are some tips that will help you answer ‘YES!’ to both of these questions. 


We have so much data available to us that is going to waste. Data which is important and can help you understand your customers. Most of the time your customers are actually telling you exactly what they want. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. A little like when you see your partner swoon any time anyone mentions One Direction, you should probably make a mental note of that. Buy the girl One Direction concert tickets!

Ask Questions

If you don’t know what to talk about, you can always just ask your customers what they would like to know more about. This could actually help you with understanding why some prospects seem to fizzle out in the middle of your sales process. Maybe you’re just being misunderstood? Are you sure you’re explaining what products or services you provide properly? What information would they have liked to have known before they actually came face to face with you? This would make great content.

Tell them about your business

What makes your business special? This is the perfect time to brag a little. Not too much though! If you feel uncomfortable doing this you can always get your current customers do the bragging for you. A good testimonial can work wonders…

This is also a good time to pull out your list of the frequently asked questions. Why not stop those questions being asked in the first place. You can base your content on what your previous customers and prospects have already asked you. Not only will it save time for prospects but it will also save time for you because customers who want to spend big money, usually want to do their homework first. So you are giving them that opportunity. 

Keep track of what the big guys are doing

SME’s have the luxury of duplicating content marketing that the big guys do. Except you get to duplicate what has been successful. If you’ve got the time and money to come up with a completely different content marketing strategy then go for it. If not, there is no harm in using a formula that works but with your own twist to it.

Does your business have a Content Marketing Strategy  How have you made sure you’re always giving your best ? Are you seeing results?


(Images Courtesy of neys, Images_of_Money, betsyweber, photosteve101)