What We’ve Been Reading This Week

At Repeat Customer we believe that the more you know about different tools, the more ways you will learn how to use them to keep your customers buying, and buying from you.

This week we’ve read 5 different articles, all with one objective. To bring you the best information possible.

1. Understand what drives your customers mad with this article.

“March 2012 — Pitney Bowes surveyed 6,000 consumers across the US, UK, Germany, and France to clarify what customers expect and desire from interactions with businesses, and which interactions irritate them. The findings are important because a few larger marketing trends amplify the consequences of effective vs. ineffective customer communications.

Actions Seen as Negative by Consumers

  • Sending weekly emails (89% negative)
  • Asking customers to support a brand’s charity or ethical concerns (84% negative)
  • Sending offers from third-parties (83% negative)”

Read the full article here on Print in the Mix

2. The closest thing to figuring out the ROI of social networking at the moment, the Social Reports in Google Analytics.

“Google announced their new Social Reports in Analytics features today at SES New York and users should be happy to see they are already tracking activity across more than 400 social sites. In addition, 21 sites have signed on as partners within Google’s Social Data Hub, allowing Google to share the sites’ activities stream within Analytics.

Google Analytics Social Data Hub Partners

Integrating with Google Analytics through their Social Data Hub requires…”

Read the full article by ‘Search Engine Watch’ here

3. Great advice on How To Retain Your Customers for the Long-Term.

“They say a business is only as strong as its closest customer relationships. It’s not just about being nice to your customers, it’s about understanding how strong customer relationships is pivotal to a company’s success. Think back on the last time someone went out of their way for you and how it made you feel afterwards? Grateful, hopefully. Business is no different. Business doesn’t just happen in the development process of a product or service, it happens in the small personal interactions that allow us to show each other who we are and what we believe in.

But somewhere along the way, many businesses got lost. Supposedly….”

Read the full article by Alex Hisaka on Social Media Today

 4. This article breaks down the 5 Secrets of Good Customer Service.

“Good customer service is the bread and butter of your business. For instance, I used to paint (before I retired) outdoor signs and create various types of indoor/outdoor promotions for people in our small town. I’ve worked at this business for over 25 years. I rarely advertise, yet I enjoyed about 80 percent of our town’s sign and display business. How did I do it? Customer Service.

(1) Build business to customer loyalty….”

Read the full article by Albert E. Schindler here

 5.How to Understand your customers

 Who are your customers?

“If you take the time to understand your customers you will be far more likely to understand what they want from you and why. In order to successfully market to your customers you need to be able to ‘identify and satisfy their needs profitably’ and for that you will need to do a little bit of work to understand what makes them tick.

Rather than treat the whole town/county/country as a potential customer you need to break it…”

Read the full article here on NowLetsGetStarted’s website

(Image Courtesy of Luis De Bethencourt, Lazurite)