How to Succesfully Improve Your Web Optimisation

Last week I was reading Econsultancy’s blog and came across an article that talked about web optimisation and how too much time is spent on the idea of transactional optimisation being the only way to improve customer experience on an e-commerce site. So this is a summary of what we, at Repeat Customer, believe to be true.

In the past, the main focus of web optimisation was to improve customer experience through transactional optimisation and having a professional, easy to use website.

However just like in a real life person to person relationship, it is all well being easy to get hold of but the real relationship is built when you both start to communicate about things that you both find interesting.

The best way to do this is to personalise each shopping experience for each individual and putting forward the best product/service suitable for your customer through these simple steps.

1. Work together on the common goal

The main aim is to build and maintain relationships which is easier done when both the marketing and user experience teams work together instead of separately. That way you can increase sales, build loyalty and understand the needs of your customer base. 

2. Have an objective to your creativity

The design layout and content on your site should all have a purpose. The best way to see whether the element of the user experience are doing the job, is to use Multivariate and A/B testing.

3.Use all the data you have to your advantage

Getting the right tools and resources to find the data that will help you understand what is at the heart of your customers activity on your website is the best way to transform your business. What exactly are they doing on your website? What do they want? Are you giving it to them?

There are plenty of other resources around the web for this subject – what have you found to be useful?

(Images Courtesy of bengrey, kroszk@, exfordy and e-magic