The Truth About Your Customers And Cheating

Let’s face it. With all that competition out there, it’s no wonder most online customers have a wandering eye. I mean, put yourself in their shoes. They’re obviously looking for something. And that’s the something you’re not helping them find.

But don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s not you it’s them.

Here’s what their behaviour tells you about your site. 

Bounce Rates

Consider the first, blind and speed date. You only have one chance to make a good lasting impression. Which is basically what your bounce rate tells you. Whether you’re making the right first impression to your visitors.  

You can reduce your bounce rates using A/B Testing

Shopping Basket Abandonment

Your customers bail out just before making the final commitment. But why, you ask. You weren’t clingy, your products are awesome and your website is the stickiest it’s ever been.  It’s nothing you can’t fix. These tend to be the top 4 reasons why your customers don’t commit.

  1. “High Shipping Prices”
  2. “I’m just not ready”
  3. “I’m comparing prices at the moment”
  4. “Too many forms” or for repeat customers “I’ve already filled this out before?! Why should I do it again?”

Show Them What You Got

Make shopping a fun experience. A little, “Oooh that would look great with…” and “Ahh, I didn’t know they had that!” Wouldn’t hurt anybody. Entice your customers with additional items that are related to their current product of interest along the way. Once you have the customer willing to spend money, it’s up to you to make them want more.

 I had you once

They bought from you once and never bought from you again? Well done… But, did you make an effort to make them feel special? The best way to do this is to tailor the content that you send out. Make it personalised. Step up to the challenge with a CRM System. This lets you gather all the data you need to  that allows you to do Behavioural targeting. Turn those customers into Repeat Customers.

 These are the main ingredients to making your relationship with your customers, the best it has ever been. What else could you add to the mix?


(Image courtesy of twm1340)