Save Your Relationship With Your Customers Using CRM

The sole purpose of Customer Relationship Management used to be to build and store a bunch of profiles on your customers so you could target them with tailored campaigns. 

This changed with the evolution of Social Media. Resulting in a power shift. The customers now have the power and control. The power to change a brands image by voicing their opinion on the internet, for everyone to see.

With this in mind, making sure your customers feel valued is vital. Using the ‘customer management’ part of the CRM is great. Great for profiling. But just like many of us in real life relationships, if we don’t like it, we’ll move onto the next. And you don’t want your customer falling into the arms of a competitor.

Your CRM should allow you to:

1. Prioritise your time

Your Repeat Customers and the customers that spend the most with you should always have priority and should be no more than 2 clicks away on your CRM. It should also remind you! 

2. Communicate with customers

Don’t spam your customers, give them the information they want. There’s nothing worse than having a one sided conversation. You’ve got the customers profile, so give them the information they want.

3. Build Trust with customer

Now that you have an idea of your customers like and dislikes. Always make sure you deliver. Your CRM should promote this. Should be simple and easy to use for anyone in your organisation. 

4. See where you’re going wrong. 

Unlike sending a  broadcast message to all your contacts. Your campaigns should be targeted and tailored and each campaign should have a different outcome. This information is essential for the future campaigns and should be accessed the place that has all of your data, your CRM. 

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(Image Courtesy of ferran pestana)