5 Ways To Find Your Brand Personality For Social Networking

Brand personality is extremely important when using Social Networks for your business. In order to create awareness and generate business for yourself, you and your employees have to understand what you stand for and exactly how you would like to come across.

‘Just be yourself’ is the best quote to use for this because there is something that you have that other businesses don’t. So unless you have an office that is full of teenage nerds, that are unbelievably hip and funny, it’s probably best not to try a portray that image because you will become very transparent.

So how do I use my brand personality to benefit my business I hear you ask.

1. Discover your brand.

What do you do? Why do you do it? What sets you apart from other businesses? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? (Every business has a weakness, the quicker you are able to identify yours, the easier it is to turn those weakness into strengths.

2.Have a purpose.

You are not going to build a strong following unless you give people a reason to want to know what you’re are saying. Why are you using each Social Networks? Are you providing information, are you dealing with complaints, are you engaging with your customers or are you just on Twitter because most everybody else has it?

3.Give them what they want but don’t forget to engage.

Constantly filling your page or profile with information about yourself is the equivalent of having a one sided conversation with someone that only talks about himself. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, join the conversation and most importantly share!

4.Be consistent.

With the amount you post, when you post and how often you post. Leaving your social network pages vacant and unloved will only give off that impression to the customers that you were trying to reach out to in the first place. If you’re not going to keep updating then your best option is to delete your page.


Switch it up a little, the best way to your followers interested is to engage them using different platforms. Share any videos that you think are interesting, upload pictures that are relevant and also share the articles that you have useful.

The most cringe worthy thing to do is to force a certain image and voice on these social networks because you want to seem relevant and cool. Represent your business the best you can based on what your business actually is. Is there anything I have missed that you think was essential for finding your brand personality?

(Image Courtesy of *seanGavin Llewellyn and bitmask)