How To Gain More Exposure For Your Blog

You’ve mastered the art of writing a blog post. Got the technique down, found motivation and you have a manageable workflow. But master pieces are meant to be acknowledged right? So how do you draw more attention to your work?

Here are 5 simple things to incorporate into your blog post writing.

1. Don’t let them forget about you

Rather than your fans having to regularly check your website to get their next fix. Give them the option of subscribing to your RSS Feed. That way every time you post a new blog post, they’ll receive an email about it.

2. Link, Link, Link

Link any other posts that are related to the topic you are currently writing about into the blog post. Not only will you help your audience find relevant information, you’ll also get more attention to some of those lower-ranking pages. 

3. Make it easy to find you using keywords. 

To help people find your blog post easily when using a search engine it’s best to insert keywords where possible. Do some keyword research on words related to your topic. And then integrate that word into the post title, url and tags.

4. Be social

Share your talents through Social Networks. Always remember that people have limited space and attention spans on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so keep it short and sweet. Always use the shorthand links before you share because it allows anyone that wants to share your post to do so, and it makes your page look cleaner.

5. Engage

Find an interesting blog post that wasn’t written by you and is related to your blog post, comment and share your ideas. Remember to leave a link to your blog! When people see that you have a relevant and insightful point of view, they will flock to your blog to see what you have to say.

I hope this makes a difference to your blogs. Have you found any other ideas that work?

(Image Courtesy of Alan Cleaver