Do Airlines Really Care About Us?


Even though we all fly to different locations and use different airlines, we all have one thing in common. We have all experienced at least one incident with an airline that has left us angered and frustrated. Whether it be flight problems, losing our baggage or finding it impossible to get a refund on a flight we want to cancel. Airlines have finally stepped up to combat and make an attempt to improve their customer experience.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand launched their Share and Earn Scheme, which rewards those customers who have registered and shared their great experiences with family and friends and resulted in a Premium Economy Booking with £50 if done before the 16 May 2012.


The American Airline Jet used Youtube to do a sting of advertisements that highlight typical air travel scenarios that generally annoy passengers. However using their motto ‘If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air’ the airline adds humour to what would be frustrating situations by setting those scenarios in everyday life activities.

From making unnecessary stops,




To the increasingly small legroom restrictions.




On the 20th of April 2011, Ryanair launched a brand new website that aims to ‘deliver great usability, faster bookings and easier access to great value services such as car hire, accommodation and insurance and Ryanair’s Manage My Booking section where passengers can tailor their booking.’ And in January 2012, released their Customer Service Statistics that saw that less than 1 complaint per 1,000 passengers was received which is a small improvement and that less than 1 mislaid bag claim per 2,000 passengers was received. Something must be working for them.
I have read a few reviews about these airlines. Most were negative, particularly in RyanAir’s case, however what keeps their customers coming back is that fact that RyanAir promises low fares and it deliver just that. However with customer experience becoming a vital part of a customers purchase or service in 2012, would you put up with a business that doesn’t perform well when it comes to Customer Service even if that means it will be cheaper? Or would you ditch that company for one that treats you better?

(Images Courtesy of buba69, Wavebreaker, John_DL)