Better Your Conversion Rate With A/B Testing

Okay so, you’ve already got your site up and running however you are now wondering whether if you make a few tweaks here that they will help you can generate more leads. A/B testing, which is also known as Split testing allows you to compare each variable against each other to see which will give you a better conversion rate. For example, if you’re wondering if a bigger sized call-to-action button would give you more leads, you could then compare the bigger sized call-to-action to your existing call-to-action button.

Before you run your own A/B test, here are a few things to keep in mind;

You can start off testing your entire landing page, then move onto testing the smaller variables. So you can design an alternative landing page, perhaps with a different a background colour, bigger heading or a different coloured call-to-action button. Just make sure that the alternative page is noticeably different. Amazon is the pioneer for using this method.

Which is how they can go from having this website

To this is one,

Without getting lots of complaints because they used A/B testing to test the waters and see what changes people responded to the most.

How You Can Do A/B Testing

  • Do one test at a time if you want to see what caused the positive change to your leads or sales.
  • Have a reason for testing, whether you want to increase the amount of email subscribers you get or decrease the amount of bounce rates, always have a goal.
  • Always keep a testing diary – it vital you always know what you’ve tested before. A google spreadsheet should be adequate. Use the free tool from Google (Website Optimiser). 
      • Track your changes over time
      • Automatically test different webpages on different web visitors
      • Record & compile your results
      • Integrate with Google Analytics

What do you think? Have you tried it?

(Images Courtesy of gemb1, Magic Madzik, seanbjack)