The ‘Pre-Consultation Questionnaire’


When putting in a ‘Call to Action’ it needs to be clearly defined; “Give us a call,” is very vague and not very concrete.

One way to end is, “The next step is…”, and give out clear simple instructions with bullet points and headings.

If your next step is a request for information rather than filling out forms then it needs to be defined clearly.

You need to offer them a way of following through with you, and present it as though it’s being sold –  the structure is the same whether it’s paid or free. You still have to sell it!

Also, don’t over look the “Pre-Consultation Questionnaire”. This is a perfect tool to not only encourage a non-committal first step, but to also pre-qualify leads.

If you’ve got bags of confidence, you can even use the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire as an authority tool.

For example, if you go to the doctors, the nurse might give you a clipboard with forms to fill out before you get to see the doctor. This is the perfect ‘Pre-Consultation Questionnaire”. The doctor will then read the clipboard and ask probing questions about your problem – you feel you have to act in accordance with your answers so you answer truthfully.

The clipboard becomes the tool of authority.

So, by incorporating a ‘Call To Action’ with an ‘Authority Tool’, not only do you get the customer to call you for a consultation, but the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire will enable you to see much more, so when you help them with the problems you promised to help with, you drag out 10 more that are still un-solved.