“You! In Waterstones! I’m watching you…”

We follow a fella called Chris Brogan (author of an excellent book called Trust Agents) on Twitter and via one of his (many) blogs.

He recently tried a bit of an experiment.

  • He searched on Twitter for the words,“I’m at Barnes & Noble” (a US Bookshop like Waterstones) , which came from a FourSquare check-in.
  • He then went through the list of results checking the profiles of the Twitterers.
  • For those users who fitted his profile, he  sent them a direct message asking them if they’d seen his book, (and instructions on where to find it)
  • This, naturally, started a dialogue with them, because it was the author talking directly to them!

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Fanning the Flames

Regular readers will know that we constantly campaign against the seemingly continual misuse of social media by businesses, and that we suspect that companies who use Facebook effectively for business are in the tiny minority.

Recent research by a leading CRM journalist on fan pages for companies on Facebook suggests that just because you become a fan of a company (known as “fanning”) it doesn’t mean the company then has permission to get in touch.

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Using Social Media to talk to your customers

Econsultancy reported this week that the fastest growing media used in digital consultancies this year, is online video and social media.

Now, to be completely honest, sometimes digital agencies have a tendency to use a medium just because its there (and they might win an award for innovation) but the continuing trend actually does signify a change in way customers, and potential customers, notice and digest marketing messages.

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