Lessons From Burger King: Maybe I Wanna Get Hacked Too

On the 18th of Feb 2013. Every brands nightmare played out right in front of our eyes, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked. 

The brands Twitter page was changed to feature Mcdonalds food as the header photo, Mcdonalds’ logo as their profile picture and Mcdonalds as their name. Not going to lie when I saw this, I was in fits of laughter. 

The hackers posted several tweets to Burger Kings 89 000 strong following. Unfortunately some of those were racist and offensive.  Here are some of the tweets that were sent. 

On the plus side, Burger King received a heck of a lot of publicity from it. I don’t really consider it bad publicity because Burger King didn’t do anything wrong besides possibly having the name of one of their burgers as their Twitter password ‘Whopper123.’

Take a look at the infographic below to see exactly how much good came from this hacking.


What do you think? Is it worth getting hacked to get publicity?  

(Images Courtesy of Huffington Post and The Drum)