Hashtag Mix Up: What, Cher’s Dead?!

Thankfully she isn’t! It was all a big misunderstanding.

Remember that time when we all thought we’d been invited to some creepy party that Susan Boyle was throwing? You know, that time when we misread her album promotion hash tag on Twitter #SusanAlbumParty as #SUSANALBUMPARTY (Sus Anal Bum Party)? Well the hashtag mix up strikes again.

The mix up occurred when horrified Cher fans posted tweets praying that the pop legend could ‘turn back time’ after misreading the hashtag #NowThatcherIsDead which was actually referring to Margaret Thatcher’s death as the hashtag #NOWTHATCHERISDEAD (Now That Cher Is Dead). 

When things like this happen you really begin to appreciate the use of space punctuation in the English Language. Can you think of any other hashtag mixups? Is it weird that I still find the Susan Boyle mix up super funny? 

(Images Courtesy of the Twitter handles @cipher_d, @JoshYouAmayesin, @ciaran_may)