Gym Vs Fitness Classes


I recently decided I was no longer going to ignore that guilty feeling I usually get when I completely demolish a chocolate bar in less than 10 minutes. Now was the time to actually make an effort to keep my body healthy. I marched over to a nearby gym to see what they had to offer and was immediately bombarded with leaflets and given a business card for a personal trainer. I didn’t want a personal trainer, I wanted to do something fun and healthy that would make me feel better about my weekly eating habits.

Then I tried going down the fitness class route, took one lesson of Bokwa and actually enjoyed it for the most part. The only thing that actually put me off was the fact that all the ladies going for their Pole Dancing lessons straight after our class came 15 minutes early and sat though the last part of our Bokwa session. Which was uncomfortable considering there was only one other person who actually turned up for the Bowka lesson and we were both sweating unbelievably after doing this for an hour.




I probably will attend another fitness class at the same dance school, mainly because they seemed so nice and welcoming. However, this proves that a small factor such as how early your clients arrive to their chosen session could affect how you are able to retain your customers.

Do you work at or own a gym? Do you run a Dance School? How do you collect feedback about your customers experiences?


(Images Courtesy of  Rohit Mattoo taken from Flickr, Shahtraining)