Fancy a fry up?

Heard of ‘Bacn’? *

Its the term for email that is not unwanted but mainly goes unread.

It may be updates from Social media sites, or newsletters from companies you’ve bought from, or maybe even news alerts. The key idea is, though, that it is mail that is not SPAM, but is not important.

It is named thus, as it is better than SPAM (tinned, processed pork meat) but not as good as pork roast (your actual emails). The history is here, if you’re interested.

Whenever we send out automated follow up emails, we try to ensure its either pork roast or Bacn.

For example, when we send out newsletters from Dallas Matthews, we often include internal changes & appointments.

Let’s be completely honest here – you’re probably not as excited about things that happen at our company as we are. But its always nice to share, hence us being OK with Bacn.

Perhaps this will help you when you’re creating your next mail-out – it’s OK to be Bacn, but just be honest about it with yourselves when you write your next newsletter.

*(Pronounced ‘Bacon’)