Blog- Instant Search

Following Google’s most recent changes to their search (as we reported earlier this month), these are the thoughts from our in-house Google PPC expert.
“There are 2 interesting points I can see that come from Instant Search.
1. Results are different for each user.
Instant search is tailored to each Google account holder. Therefore the Instant Search suggestions may only show up for your search and not a potential customers.
Depending on whether the data Google uses is historical or from the point of launch of Instant search this could effect your search results.  If the search data is from launch only, instant search is likely to change results over time as results get more specific to the user.
2. Instant Search is not for everyone.
With 500million Yahoo and Microsoft email users and 170million Gmail users, Google accounts holders are not 100% of the search population.  Instant search is being rolled out to non Google account holders in time, but even then some users will turn the features off.
Also many user search from the browser bar not from Google’s home page, therefore not getting instant search results. This may be more true of power users, however these users also represent a key target market for many businesses.
I hope this gives some insights into what may change search results as a result of Google Instant Search in the future.
Richard Tank
Google Pay Per Click Expert.