This Month, We’re Loving…. Bizoogo

Launched in March 2012, Bizooga is a Social Network on a mission. It is a crowdsourcing platform for entrepreneurs, professionals and innovators who seek help and advice on how to start a business.

Bizoogo wants to help solve the problem of having 27 million people in the United Kingdom wanting to start a business however failing to take action because they may feel like they don’t have enough money or information to do so. The social network is providing a way to connect and collaborate with other people who can give advice on how best to implement their ideas effectively or how to work on the skills that they may be lacking in. For those who already have the industry expertise, Bizoogo can help them create the most dynamic start up possible.

Bizoogo’s users can share the technical demands and the financial and psychological cost holding them back. It aims to save the time and money spent on trying to find the people who you get along with both personally and professionally.



Do you have a business? What were the hardest points that you faced when starting up. And do you think that Bizoogo would have been a massive help had it been around then?