5 Brands With Quirky Twitter Accounts

Ever wondered how you’d cope with not being able make a call, send a text or surf the internet? I used to think that I’d be fine with it and that I’d find other things to do with my time with ease.

I thought wrong.

I recently joined the GiffGaff network which operates using the O2 Network. I now have unlimited data usage without being tied down to a contract and have been glued to my phone ever since.

So when O2 and GiffGaff had a 24 hour network failure on the 11th July 2012, I was suddenly lost. Found myself compulsively checking my phone whilst becoming increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t use the normal services on my phone. I managed to find NOTHING else to do with my time!

Now, the brand personalities of these companies are normally pretty laid back and humorous. In the face of the crisis, however, I noticed that Gifgaff opted for a more serious tone of voice, whereas O2 (normally a little bit more straight-laced) gave sharp and funny comebacks to a few of the abusive individuals, which, in my opinion, were bordering conceited. I’m not sure why this tone of voice was adopted – I think this is very dangerous because you never want to be seen as not taking a complaint seriously.

However, now that the data fiasco is over and I can get back on my phone, I’ve been paying more attention to other Twitter accounts and the tone of voice each of them use.

Here are other brands that have managed to pull off the whole ‘we’re cool and funny’ brand well.


Old Spice and Taco Bell

Betfair Poker

Arena Flowers

(Images Courtesy of pj_vanf, BuzzFarmers, susan solinski)