3 Essential Tips On Using Social Media For Your Business

A lot of businesses jump on the Social Media bandwagon, but how many small businesses are actually using this effectively? Considering this is one of the best ways to communicate with customers, Social Media is the most constructive ways to get a Repeat Customer. I’m assuming your business has either a Facebook or Twitter account or both.

I’ve just read two articles by Chris Brogan which I’m going to summarise for you so that you can implement this information as soon as possible if you already haven’t.

1.Build a platform. Create useful information which will be sent out through your social network of choice. Make it interesting, this will encourage human interaction.  

2.Make sure that the information that you do create relevant to what you do. Customers want to learn how to improve their lives, so solve their problems, feed their desires and satisfy their insecurities.  

3. Encourage interactions, use Social Media as gateway to getting new customers and to see how you can improve. Oh yeah and always remember to reply! It just seems rude if you don’t.

(Images Courtesy of sayamindu, derekGavey, stuartpilbrow)