Emma leeds

“They don’t bore me with marketing babble – they just send me new customers every week until I tell them to stop!”

Emma Harris

“I’m Al Elliott, and I’m fed up with all this marketing rubbish…”

I’ve been a Marketing Consultant since 2002, and I’m sick of seeing great companies being fed bad marketing by shady agencies who only care about the latest ‘cool’ widget or design.The bottom line is this: Marketing should never be an expense. If your marketing spend isn’t bringing in customers today, stop doing it! I set up my company in 2007 with one sole purpose: To provide a steady, predictable stream of new customers for local businesses, every single month. And we’re nailing it.So if you like ‘brand meetings’ with trendy designers in swanky offices with posh coffee & French pastries, then we are definitely not for you.

However, if you want to wake up to an inbox full of hot, fresh, pre-qualified leads every single morning, then why not arrange a chat?

Al Elliott, Founder of Dallas Matthews

Al Elliott, Founder & owner of Dallas Matthews

Are we right for you?

Like Marmite and milky tea, we’re not for everyone. Use this handy checklist to see if you’re going to love us or not.

YES we’re perfect for you if:

  • checkYou want to hand over your day-to-day marketing tasks to us.
  • checkYou own a ‘local’ business in the UK. (i.e. you’re not ‘internet only’)
  • checkYou want your marketing to be Payment on Results only.
  • checkYou’re ready to get started in the next 14 days or less.
  • checkYour business is UK based, and more than 18 months old.

NO, we’re not a good fit if:

  • You have an internet-only business, or an online shop/service/app
  • You enjoy doing your own marketing, or want to be a ‘marketing expert
  • You’re a start-up, or your customers come from outside of the UK 
  • You would have problems in your business if we started sending you new customers
  • You’re in the ‘research only’ stages. (Please come back when you’re ready to get started!)

What tomorrow could be like for you…

Guaranteed, steady flow of new customers

Every hour of every day, someone is looking for what you’re selling. Luckily we know exactly where they’re looking. We’ll send you a steady, predictable, and most importantly, guaranteed number of new customers every week.

Your Marketing is now an investment, not a gamble

We know. You’ve been sold lots of different ways of marketing in the past, and they’re all a gamble. With us, you only pay us when we bring you a new customer. So if you don’t make money, we don’t make money. Much fairer, isn’t it?

Freedom & Certainty (so you can do what you love)

You didn’t get into business to do marketing, did you? Guess what? We did! So let us do all the clever marketing-thingies we’re really good at, so you can get back to doing the things you’re really good at. Deal?

What people are saying…

Isla Wilson


They know everything there is to know about the very latest in marketing technology. Which is great. But, it’s even better that they are able to make these really complex and innovative concepts work, in the real world, for real business and achieving real results.

Whenever I have worked with Al I have been thrilled with the impact that his work has had on my business, and amazed that he is able to create systems and solutions that clever which are still affordable. 

I think it must be magic…

Phil O’Connor

Whitewell Financial Planning

[Their] innovative approach has revolutionised my online marketing.

We have gone from 600 hits per month to over 1,500 in less than 3 months and regularly receive up to 70 leads, when before we were lucky to get 10!

Roger Longden

There Be Giants

I have found Al to have a good deal of integrity – if he’s not the right person then he will tell you and point you in the right direction.

I’ve recommended them to over 5 of my clients/associates so that’s got to say something!