We build websites that look great and work hard.

At Dallas Matthews, we don’t just build pretty web things – we expect them to earn their keep too.

All our web work is specifically designed to convert your web visitors into paying customers. Course, like in the real world, it helps if it’s easy on the eye too…


Simple, beautiful & hard-working

Every website we build is based on three simple, but vital principles:

  • It must look great
  • It must be simple to use
  • It must convert strangers to customers 

 So if you’ve got a dream to create a whizzy website that is breaking new ground and will revolutionise the web world, then go find someone else. We’ll be over here, sticking to the principles of design that are actually proven to work. 

Mobile-friendly design

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy these days to create a website that looks great on desktops.

The real challenge is to make it look good on mobile too.

And that’s vitally important, because over half your customers will be looking at your site on a mobile device.

Not just a pretty face

We appreciate beautiful websites as much as the next agency, but if it’s not bringing in new customers, what’s the point?

Every website we build is optimised for conversion first.

So unless you’re one of those cocky start-ups with millions of pounds of some poor investor’s money to burn, then your ears should be pricking up about now.  

How it works

Number 1

We carefully define your site’s purpose

If you’re not crystal clear on the purpose of your site, you’re going to fail. Fact.

That’s why we always start with the end in mind. Is this a ‘brochure’ site to impress potential customers? Should it generate leads? What’s your core message?  

Number 2

We build out the important pages

We’ve all seen those websites that look beautiful yet don’t actually say anything.

So we start with the content. We take the time to build out the core pages, and ensure your message is clear and consistent – OK, it’s the boring bit, but it’s essential.

Number 3

We sprinkle that magic design dust

OK… now we can make it look sexy!

Once the core content is in place, we’ll use our design skills and industry know-how to make it really pop. We’ll make your site look so good, you’ll find yourself sneaking a look several times a day. 

Why our clients trust us

Dallas Matthews have been my go-to web guys for a decade now and they’ve built and maintained three websites for me during that time. 

They’re fast, flexible and not at all furious – in fact very patient and understanding of my attitude to IT in general – which is I know how I want it to look, and what I want it to do but I don’t want to know how to do it myself! 

Al is a magician in that he turns my sometimes off the wall ideas into practical reality.

Georgia Parker

MD, Whole Spectrum Ltd

Some of our happy clients

Consultants & Professionals

  • 2Plan PLC
  • Kevan Silverthorn IFAs
  • Bright Grey Life Assurance
  • Sourcing4Success
  • The Divorce IFA
  • JMS Solicitors
  • Whitewell Financial Planning
  • AAA Tax
  • Clarity Financial Group
  • Bob Greensmith Consultants
  • CHReative Ltd
  • Personnel Surveys Ltd
  • First Aid Training Ltd
  • Glenn Collinson Consultancy
  • Loxham Associates
  • Soft Spot IT
  • MPA Ltd
  • Fuse Solutions
  • Singulier Ltd
  • Froya Ltd
  • Ruby Star Associates
  • Neon prospects
  • The Music Factory
  • Coconut Design & Print
  • Manchester Digital
  • Codesign Software Ltd
  • Borders Design House
  • Neon Prospects
  • Monton Marketing
  • Cascade Coaching & Training
  • Whole Spectrum LTD
  • Valuable Solutions
  • The Pension Advice Centre

Property & Construction

  • Enjo International Ltd
  • Chambers Group
  • EMS Systems
  • Warrington Lock & Safe Ltd
  • Runcorn Locks
  • Widnes Locks
  • Reads of Rainford Group
  • Visuality Properties & Investments
  • Kennedy Building Services Ltd
  • Homeowners Advice Centre
  • Gas & Water Ltd
  • Cheshire Homeworks Ltd
  • Trusty Properties Ltd
  • The Bathroom Restoration Specialists
  • Media City Living
  • Key Properties
  • The Lettings Group
  • Qualety Lettings Group
  • Progen
  • China Alliance Group
  • Stockport Plumbers Ltd

Health & Well-being

  • Metrostress
  • Geoff Brown Acupuncture
  • Pro Kids Coaching
  • Vector Supplements
  • PH Health
  • Proteinfocus
  • Sorrell Bank Surgery


  • Bolton Nursery
  • Select Salvage
  • EdgyKids.com
  • Denholme Designs
  • WeLoveRetro.net
  • The Grant Centre
  • Admini Foods Ltd
  • The Brightside Brewing Company Ltd

Our Prices

We believe in transparency, so these are our base prices. Please get in touch to get a bespoke quote.

Instance 1

Up to 10 pages

A beautifully simple website with a blog


Perfect for consultants/coaches or small businesses.

  • Full design service
  • Built on WordPress
  • Migration included
  • 21 day turn-around
  • 60 day support

All sites include 12 month’s hosting

Up to 30 pages

A more in-depth site with a blog


Perfect for larger sites and medium sized consultancies.

  • Full design service
  • Built on WordPress
  • Migration included
  • 45 day turn-around
  • 180 day support
  • WordPress Training
  • Multiple Revisions
  • Backup & Monitoring 

All sites include 12 month’s hosting

So what’s changed in web design exactly?

The Old Way

  • Horrible hacky HTML and tables
  • Agencies offshoring to 16 year olds
  • Prices picked from thin air
  • Complicated admin systems
  • Terrible mobile experience
  • Slimy salespeople with clammy hands

The New Way

  • Elegant, modern web design
  • In-house design teams
  • Cast-iron pricing that doesn’t change
  • WordPress’s simple admin panel
  • Website design that’s ‘mobile first’
  • Real people who care about your project

Al Elliott 

Founder of Dallas Matthews

“I started this agency because I was fed up of seeing hard-working business owners being ripped off…”

Everyone seems to be a web-designer these days.

They do a quick online course and think that qualifies them to charge extortionate prices for a below-par service.

You wouldn’t let someone who’s just done a GCSE in Maths do your accounts, would you?  

So why would you trust just anyone to manage your most important online asset?

The big secret is this: The process of building web-pages is not actually that difficult. These days, there are hundreds of tools that make the process easy.

The real skill lies in knowing what elements should go together.

  • The experts understand that every single sentence, image, button and page either moves your visitor towards buying from you, or away.
  • Those who’ve got thousands of hours of experience can tell you right away what should go where.

So when done right, the money you spend on your website becomes an investment rather than an expense.

Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk you through the whole process.

Get honest advice on your next project

Got a question about an existing site? Want a nice new shiny site*? Just a bit lonely? Drop us a line and tell us how we can make your day better.

*Careful how you say that…

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