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What people are saying…

Georgia Parker

Whole Spectrum Ltd

Dallas Matthews have been my go-to web guys for a decade now and they've built and maintained three websites for me during that time.

They're fast, flexible and not at all furious - in fact very patient and understanding of my attitude to IT in general - which is I know how I want it to look, and what I want it to do but I don’t want to know how to do it myself!

Al is a magician in that he turns my sometimes off the wall ideas into practical reality.

Phil O'Connor

Whitewell Financial Planning

[Their] innovative approach has revolutionised my online marketing.

We have gone from 600 hits per month to over 1,500 in less than 3 months and regularly receive up to 70 leads, when before we were lucky to get 10!

Roger Longden

There Be Giants

I have found the guys at Dallas Matthews to have a good deal of integrity – if they're not the right people for the job then they will tell you and point you in the right direction.

I’ve recommended them to over 5 of my clients/associates so that’s got to say something!