Why Relationship Marketing?Because your customers are smart enough to know if you aren't using it

Advantages of Relationship Marketing

There are lots of advantages of implementing Relationship Marketing campaigns in your business, but here are the most important:

  • Knowing when your regular customers don’t buy can be even more important than knowing what they do buy (Our system does this perfectly).
    • “73% of consumers end a relationship due to poor service.” (Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Report, 2009)
    • For example, knowing a customer has stopped getting their hair cut in one of your salons, makes you ask the right questions before its too late.
      • “Are they trying a competitor?”
      • “Have they had a bad experience?”
      • “Did one of your team let them down?”
    • Wouldn’t it be useful to be automatically notified that they’d not made their usual 60 day appointment with you? Our ‘Motion Sensor’ technology does this automatically, seamlessly & very cost-effectively
  • By providing exactly what your customers want, when they want it, in the format they want it, they become much less price sensitive. (Our Personalised Newsletter system does just this)
    • 41 percent of consumers say they would consider ending a brand relationship due to irrelevant promotions, and an additional 22 percent say they would definitely defect from the brand”(Chief Marketing Officer Council Report, 2009)
    • Think about it. Most marketing communications you get are simply standard pieces of marketing with you name at the top.
    • Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to talk to every customer about exactly what interests them?
    • Monitoring your customers behaviour, and reactions (and interactions) to marketing messages, helps you mass-customise your offering so each customer gets a ‘bespoke’ service that is not related to price.
    • Our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing business processes to augment, rather than replace legacy systems
  • By tracking customer behaviour and sending the right message at the optimal stage of the buying cycle, your customers become much less price sensitive.
    • “74% customers would be prepared to pay more for a product if it came with better service.” (Retail Eyes Report, 2009)
    • Decreased sensitivity to prices means that you can increase your prices without risk of them leaving…
    • …and invest some of the extra margin into serving your client-base even better.
    • The best bit is… competitor’s offers, discounts & promotions are unlikely to convince them to leave you as they are buying on quality of delivery now, NOT price!
    • Our Trackable Vouchers System are a perfect way of doing all this.
  • The latest Social Media platforms were specifically designed to allow you to mesh their data with yours helping you learn even more about your customers. However most businesses systems are not taking advantage of this at all. 
    • “Increases in traffic of 250% are not uncommon”. (Social Technology Review, 2011)
    • For example:
    • Facebook’s OpenGraph allows you to collect profile data on your customers when they sign into your eCommerce system with their Facebook login.
      • You can then not only automatically record their likes, dislikes & behaviour on Facebook
      • …but you can also post on their wall about your interaction with them and directly talk to them (and their friends) via Facebook
    • Twitter’s API allows you to directly call Tweets from specific customers into your CRM
      • It can also provide an easy way to talk directly to your customers via Twitter
      • Also, by monitoring trending, keywords & your own company name, we can build a bespoke ‘listening station’ that can trigger all kinds of actions dependant on the twitter feed
    • There are numerous other applications & integrations possible with Social Media – limited only by your imagination.
  • Building relationships based on service NOT price means your customers are no longer price sensitive. Which means a happy customer base and healthy profits.

More and more businesses are turning to our Relationship Marketing Systems to reduce new customer acquisition costs, increase customer’s lifetime values and compile loyal, eager & trusting customer databases. You should be too.

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